Dieter Anzock


is the person behind anzock photographY - Photographer, Instructor, Photo- and Media-Journalist.


My enthusiasm for (then still analog) photography began over 35 years ago in the basement of my parents house near Stuttgart in the south-western part of Germany. In the small improvised development laboratory, the first film developments and prints were made with a plethora of chemicals and an even greater enthusiasm always try to create a better picture than the current one.

From the initial "trial and error" method the decades passed with a more structured working process including error analysis, image review and targeted training with renowned teachers, instructors and photographers in various photographic genres. Occasional contracts initially  brought the necessary photographic and journalistic practice.

Shortly after the turn of the millennium there were added additional areas of interest like digital image editing and composing, a few years later I published the first photographic books. In 2009, after a health-related career transition I started to share my experiences and ideas to interested amateur photographers in seminars and workshops.


Some time and hundreds of thousands of images later finally anzock photographY was established in 2013.